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Build Indicator MT4/MT5   Build Expert Advisor MT4/MT5   Convert Indicator to Expert   Convert MT4 to MT5   Adding licenses to MT4 &  MT5

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Unlocking Price (Remove License) [Delivery Within 24 hours] Unlock EX4/EX5 50$/100$ Making DLL $50 Making DLL to Fix [DLL to No DLL] $100 Mql5 EA MT4 remove rent $50 EA with API $300-$350 Remove EA Comment 40$-50$   Decompiling Price (Source Code) [Delivery Within 24 Hours] Normal EA MT4 [Not MQL5] $350-400$ MQL5 EA MT4 [Cloud Protected] $1500-$2000 Note:  The price of some EA/Indicator and MT5 versions may slightly increase depending on the level of file security.


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