Alita Pro Battle Cyborg represents an automated trading strategy meticulously crafted to operate on the widely used MetaTrader trading platforms, encompassing both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5


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This innovative system centers its approach on the utilization of Price Action trading tactics for the execution of trades, supplemented by the strategic integration of trading indicators for adept management of initiated positions. Through its automated capabilities, this trading robot proficiently enters, exits, and oversees trades autonomously. Notably, it incorporates an array of functionalities, including the establishment of Take Profit and Stop Loss levels, along with the implementation of trailing stop losses and breakeven points.

The distinctive trait of Alita Pro Battle Cyborg lies in its audacious trading nature, demonstrating a remarkable adaptability to market conditions while setting no predefined limits on its profit potential. Its ingenious design seamlessly accommodates a spectrum of trading styles, ranging from scalping to swing trading, and it is equally adept at tracking market trends over extended periods. Leveraging its prowess, the system adeptly harnesses multiple timeframes to discern market structures and anticipate early market movements.

Noteworthy Trading Possibilities with Alita Pro:

  • Delving into indices, including Nasdaq, Us30, and Uk100.
  • Exploring indexes such as Vix 75, Boom & Crash, and Step Index.
  • Navigating the world of commodities with XAUUSD (Gold) and XAGUSD (Silver).
  • Engaging with the realm of cryptocurrencies via BTCUSD (Bitcoin).
  • Venturing into currency markets, encompassing pairs like EURUSD, USDCHF, and USDZAR.

Advantages of Alita Pro Battle Cyborg V3+ Ultimate

  • Automatically trades for you 100% across all Financial Markets
  • The system can trade 24/7 without human assistance
  • Manages each position with Trailing Stop Loss and Trail Step
  • Exceptional Money Management with fixed Trade size/ Lot size
  • Open & Closes positions on it’s own without human assistance.
  • Multiple position for Aggressive trading, Hedge Trading and even High Frequency Trading.
  • Grow small accounts with proper Risk Management, from as little as 10USD.
  • Interact directly with the market price automatically to Triple your account with less human assistance.

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