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HFT Prop Firm EA (Green Man), distinguished by its GreenMan logo, is an Expert Advisor (EA) specifically designed to pass challenges or evaluations set by proprietary trading firms (prop firms) that allow the use of High-Frequency Trading (HFT) techniques.

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Live Monitoring: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/2149219

The HFT Prop Firm EA can achieve challenge targets within a short period, maintaining a very low drawdown. Our special HFT strategy detects large market movements and employs stop-loss to safeguard your equity. It features a built-in equity protector that halts the EA once the target is met. Coupled with a powerful gain-based money management strategy, this EA includes a unique feature called Pro Ratio Money Management (PRMM) which automatically adjust the lot size according, enabling faster challenge completion without incurring high drawdowns. It come with manual entry of lot size if you opt for this mode of operation. The EA actively detects market conditions, operating only during active markets, thus efficiently passing prop firm HFT challenges in less than an hour.

Version 2.607 2023.12.10
Added period on display
Version 2.606 2023.12.04
Added Timeframe info on screen
Version 2.605 2023.11.30
Allow turning off of backgroup box
Version 2.604 2023.11.30
Reduce Screen Box to 800 width
Version 2.603 2023.11.29
– give account type pop out warning
– improve visual of idiot proof display
Version 2.602 2023.11.27
Fixed a bug on lot size suggestion on display
Version 2.601 2023.11.22
Added Suggested Lot Size for using of default setfile (1DA)
Version 2.600 2023.11.20
Added Slow Market Filter.
Version 2.500 2023.11.16
– Full fool-proof display, those who can read will be able to use this EA.
– Max Lot size is suggested on screen
Version 2.109 2023.11.13
added a Foolproof, Self-diagnose display
Version 2.108 2023.11.11
mproving on a self-explainatory, fool-proof display (1DA)
Version 2.107 2023.11.10
Improving on a self-explainatory, newbie-proof display (1DA)
Version 2.106 2023.11.10
Improving on a intutive newbie-proof display
Version 2.105 2023.11.09
Added: EA Trade Allowed on Display (1DA)
Version 2.104 2023.11.07
– a prop firm changed broker
Version 2.103 2023.11.05
Added Symbol Advisory
Version 2.101 2023.11.04
Added Symbol Advisory
Version 2.1 2023.10.29
– set default backtest parameter for US30
Version 2.0 2023.10.25
– OpenWait Added
– Comfirm to pass 2 new prop firm
Version 1.311 2023.10.25
– Added OpenWait parameter
Version 1.310 2023.10.22
– remove Money Not Enough warning when there is enough margin.
Version 1.309 2023.10.18
– Added Account Type in Display
Version 1.308 2023.10.15
Added Symbol at display (1DA)
Version 1.307 2023.10.09
– Improve surge detection (1DA)
Version 1.306 2023.10.09
– added new prop firm
Version 1.305 2023.10.09
– Fixed MS
Version 1.304 2023.10.09
– Fixed Backtest issues (1DA)
Version 1.303 2023.10.05
– fixed default setting for backtest
Version 1.302 2023.10.04
– added lot size on display (1DA)
Version 1.301 2023.10.02
– a bug is removed, please update to this revision 1.301 (1DA)
Version 1.30 2023.10.02
– added Server Info on display (1DA)
– added Account Info on display (1DA)
– more prop firms supported
Version 1.29 2023.09.25
– Algo Update
Version 1.28 2023.09.25
– Improve Algo (1DA)
Version 1.27 2023.09.19
Fix MaxSpread (1DA)
Version 1.26 2023.09.15
Updated Contact Info (1DA)
Version 1.25 2023.09.15
Added: Not Enough Money display (1DA)
Version 1.21 2023.09.12
Added bigger crosses at display
Version 1.2 2023.09.12
Added Speed Control
Version 1.1 2023.09.07
Fix typo error

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