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Forex Correlation EA MT4
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MT4 correlation is exactly same as MT5 correlation EA works. But as per the requirement of different brokers, we offer the same version of the correlation EA in MT4 version.






This is the EA that makes a correlation between multiple pairs in the market, and then hedge them together to go safe in forex market. This EA works on about 20 pairs in the same time and all the pairs managed by only one chart.

The correlation EA is designed for the safe and long run trading in forex market. This EA has one of the amazing features to keep your trading account safe with news prevention, trend prevention, analyzing market before entry, money management system, hedging between multiple pairs and much more.

The EA has proved itself for more than 3 years on live trading and about 15 years on back test. By most of the user we got positive reviews for this EA, as you can see in the review section.

Correlation EA is suitable for every broker you use, if they provide 1:400 of higher leverage. The EA works on low balance as 1k and it works 24 hours non stop without any manual operation in account. Its only one time installation EA to fully automatic trading.

It must be noted that this EA need to be installed only on one chart rather than multiple charts. Just put it on one chart and select your trading symbols from the EA inputs, so the EA will trade on selected symbols without installing it on multiple charts. and it will auto adjust to suffix or prefix in account.


Simplest Inputs
The EA has very simple and clear input parameters that are very useful and changeable. We don’t like to include any useless of confusing inputs in any of our EA.
Best Features
The EA comes with the best features to for account safety, pair selection and maximum growth priority.
Lowest DD And Maximum Growth
The system keeps the drawdown minimum as possible and avail every opportunity to grow faster if the EA is running in VPS for 24 hours.
Fastest Recovery System
EA comes with different recovery systems as given in the EA inputs. All of them are selectable and you may choose the faster, normal or slower recovery if hit by drawdowns.
User Choice
As all the inputs are changeable, and we provide a full guide of all the input parameters, So a user may change the risk and return according to their choice. If they can’t understand the input parameters, they may ask us for the set files for different settings.
Prevention Of Bad Market
Highly trended, Huge spread or economic events. These all are detected automatically by the EA and avoided for safe trading. And when everything settle down, the EA will then resume trading automatically.
Fully Automatic
The EA is fully automatic that it can handle all the market situations by itself and doesn’t need any manual operation. Just one time installation is enough for this EA.

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