Victory EA MT4, a powerful and efficient trading tool designed to navigate the dynamic landscape of the financial markets

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Introducing Victory EA MT4, a powerful and efficient trading tool designed to navigate the dynamic landscape of the financial markets. Developed in early 2020, this expert advisor has demonstrated its prowess in both demo and live trading scenarios throughout the entirety of the year. Now, the creator has generously decided to share this remarkable EA with the MQL5.com community, allowing fellow traders to benefit from its proven performance.

Victory EA MT4 adopts a strategic approach by focusing on the H4 timeframe and the XAUUSD (Gold) currency pair. The rationale behind choosing slower timeframes lies in the belief that they offer increased reliability for trading decisions. Unlike some other trading strategies, Victory EA MT4 steers clear of employing Martingale or grid methods. Instead, it adheres to the principle of trend following, providing a more calculated and risk-conscious approach to trading.

The EA incorporates a meticulously crafted set of parameters to optimize performance. The stop loss is set at 11.62, providing a safeguard against adverse market movements, while the take profit is positioned at 32.61, aiming to secure profitable positions. This combination of parameters reflects a thoughtful and systematic approach to risk management, ensuring that the EA operates within predefined boundaries.

Backtesting results spanning from 2010 to 2021, with an impressive 99.9% modeling quality, are available in the “Screenshots” tab. The backtesting was conducted with an initial deposit of 10,000 units, and a recommended risk per trade of 2%. This meticulous testing process provides potential users with a comprehensive understanding of the EA’s historical performance.

Money management is a crucial aspect of any successful trading strategy, and Victory EA MT4 takes this into account. While a conservative 2% risk per trade is recommended, users have the flexibility to adjust this parameter based on their individual risk tolerance. The backtesting results showcase the EA’s adaptability, with historical yearly average returns reaching an impressive 63.5% for a risk per trade of 5% over the 2010-2021 backtesting period.

The EA’s resilience is underscored by its out-of-sample performance in the tumultuous years of 2020 and 2021, proving its adaptability to unforeseen market conditions. Traders seeking a reliable, trend-following EA with a meticulous approach to risk management will find Victory EA MT4 to be a valuable addition to their MetaTrader 4 toolkit. Embrace the power of data-driven decision-making and elevate your trading experience with Victory EA MT4.


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