It enables automatic execution of all buy and sell transactions through an expert advisor, and profit fixation is automated

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Vibranium EA MT4

What advantages does Vibranium EA offer?

It enables automatic execution of all buy and sell transactions through an expert advisor, and profit fixation is automated. Once configured, Vibranium EA can generate continuous profits for years. The trading strategy of the Vibranium trading bot was created by forex trading experts and tested for more than 3 years without any software defects or bugs. Our Forex trading strategy is unique and not used by any other company. Our dedicated programmers have incorporated many excellent features utilizing the most complex algorithm they have ever created. If you lack understanding of trading, market analysis, and related fields, then trading with the Vibranium autopilot robot may be the solution for you.

What is the profitability of the Vibranium automated system?

The Vibranium EA developers have provided a detailed report on the trading operations of this Expert Advisor on a real account. You can analyze this performance yourself to understand that this is a great trading bot for automatic earnings.

How does the Vibraniun EA strategy work?

So, after placing the Vibranium expert advisor on the quotes chart, it sets pending limit orders at the nearest volatility boundaries, which are determined by the ZigZag indicator.
To begin with, the minimum trading goals (Take Profit) of 10 points are used. Also, additional limit orders are placed, which are activated by Vibranium bot in trading if the price goes against a previously opened position.
In simple words, this Forex trading robot uses a pending grid of orders. However, it does not use the Martingale method, which significantly reduces trading risks.
As practice shows, averaging in most cases brings more profit than risk. Therefore, if you follow the rules of money management correctly, then nothing threatens your trading account.

Key features of Vibranium MT4 EA

  • Trading strategy: trading with a grid of pending orders on a trend reversal
  • Currency pairs for trading: AUDCAD, NZDCAD, GBPCAD, GBPAUD
  • Timeframe for trading: H1 or H4
  • Minimum capital to start: $500
  • Trading hours: around the clock

Some more benefits from EA Vibranium

  • The process of setting up the robot takes around 10 minutes, but we can provide full assistance to ordinary individuals in configuring the robot to function effectively.
  • Once the autopilot robot is operational for 24 hours non-stop, your role is simply to monitor account progress via your smartphone. You can easily check whether the autopilot robot has generated profits or not.
  • The purchase of the robot and its license includes a lifetime warranty, and any future updates or developments will be available to you at no additional cost.+

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