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💎 Ultimate Dynamic Levels
💎 Indicator/  DLL

The most important ability for both beginner and pro traders is to tell exactly where and when a market is most likely to turn, and how to get in safely and exit with profits.



The Ultimate Dynamic Levels indicator easily tells you where the highest probability of a market turn is so that you can get into an extremely Low-Risk trade with confidence, keep your chart clean and simple at the same time, while making profits!

The Ultimate Dynamic Levels indicator has a unique and powerful algorithm for finding important hidden levels on multiple timeframes at once. It is just amazing and doesn’t ever repaint or redraw levels like other typical SR indicators out there.

The Ultimate Dynamic Levels indicator also has a Level Strength Profile on the right side of the chart to tell if the level has been strong in recent history or not. A powerful bonus combination!

===> The Ultimate Dynamic Levels indicator has 3 very essential functions:

1. Helps you get into a Low-Risk trade in the direction of the trend.

2. Keeps you in a trend as long as the move is still on.

3. Serves as a trailing stop to protect your gains and avoid leaving money on the table.

Strong Levels: Denoted by the long flat dots.

Recent Strength of Level: Denoted by the profile on the right of the chart.

===> Key attributes of the Ultimate Dynamic Levels indicator:

No Repaint.

Future Prediction.

Extremely Low-Risk Entries.

High Prediction Success in Trends.

===> The Ultimate Dynamic Levels indicator works based on 3 powerful principles:

1. The levels in the market are always changing and never static. Supply and demand are dynamic.

2. Price remembers these recent important levels even though they are hidden.

3. To make money, your wins must be larger than your losses, always.

The indicator will show you the new Hidden Levels and how strong they have been in recent history.

===> To use the Ultimate Dynamic Levels indicator is simple. Just follow the 5 easy steps to the money!

Step 1. Find a pair that is ready to trend or already trending on H1 timeframe and above. You can find a trending using the Ultimate Sniper Dashboard.

Step 2. Go to the lower timeframe corresponding to the Ultimate Sniper Dashboard signal timeframe. H1 = M1; H4 = M5; D1 = M15.

Step 3. Wait for any of the levels on the lower timeframe to get hit by price and then reject price.

Step 4. Look at the profile on the right and make sure there’s some strength at that level.

Step 5. Risk properly and enter a trade after price has rejected f

rom the level in the higher timeframe direction.



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