This EA functions as a Tick Scalping EA, which is designed for trading on tick charts rather than traditional bar or candlestick charts. This particular approach involves swiftly opening and closing trades within seconds, aiming to garner modest profits from each trade while capitalizing on a high frequency of positions throughout the day.

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It is exclusively compatible with trading the US30 index during the New York session. Moreover, this EA holds the potential to meet the requirements of certain Proprietary Trading Firm challenges.


Many prop firms that utilize Eightcap as a brokerage exhibit seamless compatibility with the On Go Go EA. Furthermore, several other companies may permit the usage of this EA. It’s advisable to conduct thorough research to ascertain the list of companies that support this type of EA.


It’s important to emphasize that profits in the forex market are not guaranteed due to the ever-changing nature of market conditions. Consequently, it is crucial to exercise prudent risk management practices at all times.


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