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💎 MetaTrader Auto Backtest Kicker Pro MT4 MT5
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MetaTrader Backtest Kicker is a software which supports MetaTrader backtesting (Strategy Tester). You will be able to run Strategy Tester automatically and continuously with various setting patterns such as changing currency pairs, backtest period, setting files, etc.



  • Supports both MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5
  • Backtest will be automatically and continuously kicked following each ‘Test Pattern’ which you have pre-set.
  • Supports all setting items of Strategy Tester
  • Supports Portable Mode (MetaTrader launch options)
  • Functions to check inputted path of files/folders information of folders and files.
  • Functions to save backtest settings

Use Cases

For example, if you want to backtest two types of EA on three currency pairs, USDJPY, EURUSD, and EURJPY separately, you usually do the following: 

  1. First, test run USDJPY with the first EA!
  2. Make sure it’s done!
  3. Change to EURUSD and test run!
  4. Make sure it’s done!
  5. Test run with EURJPY!
  6. Make sure it’s done!
  7. Change EA and test run with USDJPY!
  8. Make sure it’s done!
  9. Test run on EURUSD!
  10. Make sure it’s done!
  11. Test run on EURJPY!
  12. Make sure it’s done!

…It was tired just writing it. LOL

MetaTrader Backtest Kicker can run backtests automatically and continuously by pre-setting all test settings. All you need is setup and press ‘Start Backtest’, and wait. Backtest Kicker will continuously kick the tests one by one, and save all reports.

Press ‘Start Backtest’ before you go to bed and find out all the results when you wake up!

We tried to develop the MetaTrader Backtest Kicker setup screen almost the same as the Strategy Tester, to make it easier to operate.

Backtest Setting Items

Items that can be set in Strategy Tester can be set.
Backtest Setting Items MT4 MT5
Backtesting of multiple patterns
Specify backtesting report folder/file
Parameter file of EA
Expert properties/Optimization Set(*.set)
Symbol/Currency Pair
Period (e.g. M1, H1)
Date (testing Period from/to)
Forward test
Deposit, Currency code of deposit
Optimization Criterion
Visual mode
Portable mode
Shut down the PC after all backtesting is complete
Backup Optimization Cache File

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