Original price was: $3,500.00.Current price is: $12.00.

In this Results, you can see that SpaceX Gold Pro robot was able to make $12,000 profit in just one day with an approximate risk of 1% with aggressive settings.

Your maximum loss limit for each trade is very Small, which even if you have several SL in bad market conditions, Drawdown will not reach 1%.


OF COURSE You can Check Verified Results and Live Video



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🔘Not Grid,Not Martingale,Not HFT.

🔘Max drawdown  2%

🔘Max drawdown 2X aggressive mode 5%

🔘Max drawdown 3X – 4X aggressive mode 10%

🔘basic Mode +6% Monthly Profit

🔘2X aggressive mode +9% Monthly Profit

🔘3X Aggressive mode +13% Monthly Profit 

🔘EA Have Take Profit / Stop loss

🔘Max Open Trade 3

🔘All broker

🔘Meta trader 4 based 

🔘100% trades automatically

🔘Money Management


🔘VIP Lifetime activation

🔘Start Any Challenge


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