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We have Portfolio Finder – our own software to help review data so we can make ‘better’ data driven decisions on what to run and how to set up your diversified trading portfol


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‍Want to get funded and stay funded so you can withdraw profits and then scale your own live capital?

Without studying charts, staying up all night to trade, failing prop challenges, or blowing your accounts?

Most traders are stuck in ‘challenge mode’ not knowing how to set up their funded accounts to make profits, constantly stuck in a vicious cycle of constant failure.

We provide a 3 step process…

Step 1: Secure Prop Firm Capital from 200k to 600k (We Pass this For You.  Guaranteed) – or do it yourself.

Step 2: Develop a diversified, algo traded portfolio that nets 2-4% profit per month (we will train you to do this)

Step 3: Funnel your prop firm profits into live trading capital and use the same portfolio to net 6%+  profit per month (you can aim for more if you wish – it’s all relative to your risk appetite).


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