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Hi I’m NESCO/ – I am a fully automatic robot expert and independently analyze the market and make trading decisions. Some of my functions are written using GPT-4_COPILOT and optimized by the MQL5_CLOUD_NETWORK. I have my own server for getting financial events in the world. I can work for you 24/5 without your intervention and notify you with a message on the phone If your attention is needed;
My main feature is the methodology of data flow analysis, which allows me to simultaneously trade dozens of strategies.
But so far there are 6 strategies on board:

  • PILOT_R:
    Trading time 1:30-18:30;
    Symbol: EURUSD M5;
    Minimum deposit: 150 USD;
    Trading time 1:30-18:30;
    Symbol: EURUSD M5;
    Minimum deposit: 100 USD;
    Trading time 1:30-5:30;
    Symbol: GBPUSD M5;
    Minimum deposit: 200 USD;

-By default, only one PILOT_R11 Strategy is enabled;
-Launch those strategies that you like or all strategies at the same time;
-To enable or disable strategies, set the TRUE flag next to the RUN setting;
For example:
See the example in screenshot #6;

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Not an important update:
*)adding new currencies for auto risk;
*)improvements to the function from the control and position tracking block during the news;
*)changing the default risk value: added load on Pilot R11 and reduced on Stenvall;
Version 6.0 2023.11.10
Important update!
error correction when the DLL is running;
Version 5.0 2023.11.08
Important update!
-Correction of the volatility filtering error;
Version 4.0 2023.10.26
Important update!
-)Fixing and improving the news server.
Adding a website MQL5.com as a backup server. If the server gogopips If it is unavailable for some reason, the EA automatically switches to the MQL5 site;Important! Do not use the MQL5 website as the main one, this is important!
*)In case of numerous requests, mql5 may block it, so mql5 will be used ONLY as a backup;
*)Also, the news filter on mql5 will include only the most important ones, such as the Fed and Monetary policy, other filters, such as the accumulation of unimportant news, will work only on the main server gogopips, since it is not possible to implement this on a third-party site;
Don’t forget to add both sites to the list of allowed URL:
Version 3.5 2023.10.20
-fixing small bugs;

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